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Church History

Cedar Spring Baptist Church

A brief history from 1873 to present


From a humble beginning, under a brush harbor on the big road west of Dr. Burkhalter members of Cedar Spring Baptist Church endeavored to build a beautiful log cabin as a gathering place for worship services.  The log cabin was built on faith in 1873. Standing on the Word of God, the ministry of this Cedar Spring Baptist Church has spanned over a century.

The Reverend Henry Hill, Sr. was the church’s founding pastor.  Reverend Hill was regarded as a peaceful man. He served as Pastor of the church for 27 years.  Pastor Hill’s tenure as founding Pastor consisted of the installation of seven deacons, appointing a church clerk, and other church ministries.

Years later, three acres of land were donated to the Cedar Spring Baptist Church by Mr. Jessie Stones. On the three acres of land, members set in motion the construct a new church.  The big beautiful white church was built.


Pastors proceeding the Reverend Henry Hill, Sr. up to 1981 include the following: 

                  Reverend Thurmond

                  Reverend G W Blocker

                  Reverend John Walker

                  Reverend Marshall

                  Reverend Mark Adams

                  Reverend Green Smith

                  Reverend C. Milton

                  Reverend E. M. Gordon

                  Reverend Calvin Smith, served as Pastor for 25 Years


Detailed records of progress are unavailable from 1873 to 1950.  However, records indicate that Cedar Spring Baptist Church became affiliated with Union # 3, Simmon Ridge Samaritan Baptist Association, and the Springfield Singing Convention.

The Reverend Andrew Adams succeeded the Reverend Calvin Smith.  Under Reverend Andrew Adams's guidance as Pastor, his vision for education was made known.  Reverend Adams's tenure as Pastor included the envision of a new church.  He established Vacation Bible School and Wednesday Night Prayer Services.  He added a Trustee Board Ministry. 

In 1980, plans for the new church were completed.  The new church was built on the church property located on Highway 283. 

The Reverend E. L. Cain succeed the Reverend Andrew Adams, in 1981.  In October 1981, under the leadership of the Reverend E. L. Cain, the newly built church was dedicated to the Lord. And the church cornerstone was laid in 1982.

Reverend E. L. Cain’s tenure as Pastor included groundbreaking ceremonies in the summer of 1997 for the annexation of the church Educational and Fellowship Hall.  On April 19, 1998, dedications services were held for the annexation. In 2002, under Reverend Cain’s leadership, the church parking lot was paved.


Under the Reverend E. L. Cain pastorage, Mrs. Camilla Simpkins and Mr. Eddie Talbert were ordained to preach to Gospel.  The following ministries came to existence:  Pastor’s Aide, Deaconess Ministry, Young Women Auxiliary (YWA), Library Ministry, and Children’s Church.  

While serving as Pastor, Reverend E. L. Cain received an Honorary Doctoral Degree from his Alma Mater Benedict College, Columbia, SC. 

After twenty years of preaching at Cedar Spring Baptist Church, in January 2002, Reverend Dr. E. L. Cain resigned as Pastor.

The Reverend Chuck Smallwood succeeded the Reverend Dr. E. L. Cain.  In December 2002,  Reverend Smallwood was elected by the church member to become Cedar Spring Pastor.  Reverend Smallwood was installed as Pastor on February 2, 2003.  

Under Reverend Chuck Smallwood ministry as Pastor the church grew.  Reverend Smallwood's tenure his vision for excellence in God’s ministries was implemented.  The following were incorporate into the church growth of ministries:  Health Care Ministry, Bereavement Ministry, Transportation Ministry, Youth Praise Team, an inspirational choir, and Media Ministry. With this vision, the church’s motto became “A Church of Compassion”.

The church move to an email system and a church emblem was created.  The church purchased a bus and the church signage was built.  Reverend Smallwood welcome retired Pastor Jasper Chamberlain, Sr. Son of the House. After eleven years of pastorage, in May 2014 the Reverend Chuck Smallwood resigned as Pastor.

The Reverend Sloan Gordon, Sr. came to Cedar Spring Baptist Church the first Sunday in June of 2015 as a guest Pastor to help the church family to heal. Revered Sloan Gordon, an anointed man from God helped the church to grow spiritually through the transition and later on became the church Interim Pastor. 


In June 2014, Reverend Sloan Gordon embraced the Cedar Spring Church family as a Guest Pastor. Then he became the church Interim Pastor. 

Through much prayer and seeking GOD’s guidance, God blessed us with a new spiritual leader, Rev. Sloan Gordon, in December 2015. The Cedar Spring Baptist Church family elected Reverend Sloan Gordon as pastor.  The Reverend Sloan Gordon was installed as pastor on January 24, 2016.

Under Pastor Gordon’s anointed leadership, he embraced the retired Pastor James W. Price and Reverend James B. Moss, Sons of the House, he licenses three ministers and baptized more than 28 souls. New member's classes were implemented at Cedar Spring. 

Pastor Gordon extended the 5th Sunday worships service to include the laying of hands to those who so desire.  The church mission scripture has become “The joy of the Lord is our strength”.  Nehemiah 8:10 

Pastor Gordon led the campaign to revitalize the church parking lot and continues to lead in the revitalization of the spiritual and physical. 

Pastor Sloan Gordon and the Cedar Spring Baptist Church family continues to thank God for HIS grace and mercy as we move forward to do the Work of HIM who has called us for such a time as this.

1980 - Present
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